Squigs speaks.

I've often mentioned that I've spent some time onstage. Acting is something that is truly a part of me and something that is a huge asset as I draw actors. Since moving to NYC in 2010 I've had a few chances to tread the boards, but often my beloved illustration ventures have crowded out the acting possibilities. In a concerted effort to balance my artistic life, I've sought representation to keep an eye out for opportunities I could tackle when the schedule allows. I'm so happy to have joined the family at Nicolosi & Co. Huzzah! And I'm happy that it looks very likely that I'll get to stretch the acting and vocal chops this summer. Yippee!

 I've also flung myself headlong into possibilities in the world of voiceover. The vocal cords can supplement the drawing hand now and then. Hear my brand spankin' new commercial voiceover demo here:

And you can read about some stuff I've done here and there at my Act/Voice page.