Little Boxes: Designing for The Lights of Broadway


As The Lights of Broadway Show Cards™ have been making their way into the hearts and collections of Broadway lovers all over the country, we have been exploring ways to expand even more. One thing we've landed on is packaging for distribution, allowing shops near and far to easily stock the cards on their shelves. So as I've applied my design abilities to the website, publicity and promotion, logo merchandise, posters, and the cards themselves, I also had to learn how to design Counter Display Units or CDUs. These boxes contain 36 well-sorted packs each, and somewhere in each box is hidden one of our super rare cards. We've manufactured CDUs for our Autumn 2017 edition and new Megamix sampler edition. And I've got to say that the final results are pretty nifty! (And the bonus of being the illustrator AND designer is that I can feature my signature on the box! Self-obsessed much?) Lots more fun stuff is on the way in the Lights of Broadway world. Stay tuned!