Squigs, Squips, and Be More Chill!

The Squip premium poster design by Squigs.

The Squip premium poster design by Squigs.

BE MORE CHILL is a phenomenon. A word from their site:

"It’s already “one of the most popular new musicals in America,” raves The New York Times. And Forbes declares, “It’s a viral obsession!” Now, this hilariously honest show is making its New York premiere at last —featuring an electric, ear-worm filled score by “one of Broadway’s next great songwriters” (Billboard). Discover BE MORE CHILL for yourself, and give your life an upgrade."

"What if popularity came in a pill? Would you take it, no questions asked? In BE MORE CHILL, achieving that elusive “perfect life” is now possible thanks to some mysterious new technology—but it comes at a cost that’s not as easy to swallow. What could possibly go wrong? Blending the contemporary with retro sci-fi, this thrillingly exciting, comically subversive, and deeply felt new musical takes on the competing voices in all of our heads. And ultimately proves, there’s never been a better time in history to be yourself—especially if you’re a loser…geek…or whatever."

I was honored to be asked to design a poster made available to premium ticket buyers this week. I chose the character of The Squip, the aforementioned pill-sized supercomputer. The show's current run is officially sold out, but I'm pretty sure there's a big future for this skit! See their website for more, and peek at another little thing I drew:

Be More Chill  .

Be More Chill.