Squigs Update: Illumination!

As the co-creator of The Lights of Broadway Show Cards™ which are collected by many young (and young-at-heart) Broadway fans AND young Broadway actors, I was often getting requests for folks to have their own card. Now, while so many deserve to be celebrated, we want to keep a firm rein on the content of our card rosters. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate folks in another way. Thus, The Lights of Broadway Show Prints were born. They're portraits in the style of the cards with the same design elements, but printed suitable for framing at 11"x14". I'm so grateful to those who have entrusted me with illuminating and celebrating special folks. Here are a few of them so far:

Cole Alex Edelstein in   Matilda  .

Cole Alex Edelstein in Matilda.

Talia & MiMi Ryder in   Matilda  .

Talia & MiMi Ryder in Matilda.

Ian Saraceni in   The King & I  .

Ian Saraceni in The King & I.

Ian Saraceni in   Matilda  .

Ian Saraceni in Matilda.

Bradley Barnes & Aaron Pomeroy.

Bradley Barnes & Aaron Pomeroy.

Paul Aguirre.

Paul Aguirre.

So as you can see, the Show Prints are for Broadway fans of all ages. (The base rate for a Show Print that features a head & shoulders portrait of an individual is $350 and for a duo, $450. Additional background details may bring additional charge.) If you'd like to shine a light on that certain star (or stars), contact me here. I'll only be able to take on so many as we head into the holiday season, so you might contact me early to join the list.