Can-Can. Did did (finally).

Here it is.  I've finally completed my cast sketch of the treasured experience that was Can-Can at the Paper Mill Playhouse.  It was the first time in my closing night tradition that the piece wasn't done in time, but I had a full illustration workload and a family visit and a desire to be coherent and enjoy the final moments of the run with those I shared the experience with.

And then I set out to draw in the weeks and months after the fact.  Unsuccessfully.  I rough sketched the thing at least five times and trashed them all.  I was learning a lesson.  It's really tough to pay tribute to an experience that was so dear to me.  I knew so much about the creation of this show that I felt rather inadequate in distilling it into a little illustration.  Every show I draw has similar care put into it, and I need to be attentive and wary about doing my best to pay tribute to that whenever I set pencil to paper.

I'm still not totally satisfied with my work.  Maybe that's what makes the future so inviting.  But with all of this qualification, here's my nod to the crazy wonderful denizens of the Bal du Paradis:

Can-Can   at the Paper Mill Playhouse.

Can-Can at the Paper Mill Playhouse.