Never, never be an artist, unless...

Hello.  My name is Squigs.  I'm an artist who draws what's onstage.  And I will soon be playing an artist on the stage of the Paper Mill Playhouse.  (Talk about "meta.")  Yes, I'll be playing the role of bohemian painter Etienne in what's been announced as the Broadway-bound Paper Mill run of Cole Porter's Can-Can.  I'm pretty darn thrilled.


The journey of this production (and my participation therein) began in 2007 with a well-received production at the Pasadena Playhouse.  Last year it received a workshop reading here in NYC, and we keep kickin' this year with the run at the ol' Paper Mill.  I'm so grateful to those who have brought me along.  Director David Lee and choreographer Patti Columbo and musical director Steve Orich.  Thank you thank you thank you for trusting me and making me a part of this wacky family.  Thank you to our lead producer, Jonathan Burrows, and the production team that has been assembled.  And thank you to all the wonderfully crazy people all along the way who are so amazingly talented and have made me a better person and performer.  I treasure all of you.

To see the shenanigans – the laughs, the romance, the swords, the kicks, the ruffles, the booze, the intrigue, the beautiful Parisian sky, the arts and crafts – get your tickets HERE.

Cole Porter wrote, "Never, never be an artist.  UNLESS you want to have a marvelous time!"  Yup. What he said.  Here we go!

My sketch from our 2007 Pasadena Playhouse production of   Can-Can  .

My sketch from our 2007 Pasadena Playhouse production of Can-Can.