The Lights of Broadway Show Cards™ are taking the Broadway world by storm, with theatre fans collecting and trading them all over the country. To purchase packs online, visit the official online shop here. If you're interested in a one-of-a-kind ink sketch used to create a card OR if you'd like to commission a unique Show Print, see below:


See the light in a more unique way!

ORIGINAL INKS. Each Lights of Broadway card starts with one hand-drawn ink sketch of each subject which is then colored and laid out to be printed as thousands of cards making their way across the country and the Broadway Theater District. You can purchase one of these one-of-a-kind ink illustrations for your own collection. Each is pigma ink on acid-free illustration paper and ranges in size from 5"x7" to 6"x9" Each piece goes for $250. [Note: The ink pieces offered on this page are the head shot style illustrations as seen in the photo above. Show illustrations which are typically larger and much more detailed may also be available, but at a separate price range.] Contact us with specific inquiries via the form below.

CUSTOM SHOW PRINTS. The Lights of Broadway Show Cards™ keep the content roster rather focused so often requests for folks to get their own card isn't a possibility (for the time-being). But as an option to celebrate your favorite Light, we allow the possibility of commissioning a custom illustration laid out with Lights of Broadway graphics, meant to be framable for display. The commission (final print and ink sketch) costs $350. Contact us below.


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